Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Avoid unnecessary consumption. Reduce your carbon footprint!
Welcome and here is just a little bit about our hotel. Our green initiatives include LEED Silver Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council and Florida Green Lodging featuring many environmentally friendly resources. In an effort to conserve resources, create an environmentally friendly workplace, and reflect the needs of today’s world, the 221-room Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton hotel located in the Brickell Financial District, downtown Miami, has undertaken a sustainability policy for the benefit of our guests, our team members, our business partners and our community.

Enjoy our 4 electric vehicle charging stations at our parking garage, available 24 hours a day, at no additional charge to our guests.

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Everyday uses to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet!
For your daily activities
  • Recycling reduces landfill and saves resources.
  • Avoid Vampire Energy Comsuption. UNPLUG cell phone chargers, electronic devices, electronic appliances, your TV or any other device when not in use.
  • Correctly dispose litter (aka garbage, waste, trash) IN THE CAN.
  • Correctly dispose plastic. Plastic DESTROYS our environment, clogs the street drains and kills our animals.
  • Correctly dispose chemicals like paints, aerosol cans, furniture polish, glues, oils, nail polish remover and battery acid.
  • Use recycled paper.
  • Turn the lights off if you are not in the room using them. Even when you leave the room for a short period of time.
  • Don't leave the A/C ON when NOT home.
  • Power shower! Shower under 4 minutes!
  • Buy rechargeable batteries.
  • Use recycled bags when you are shopping.
  • Eat locally and seasonally can cut your carbon footprint by as much as 1,500lbs a year and will save you money too.
  • Register with a mail preference service to cut the amount of unsolicited mail you receive
  • Change your screensaver setting to none or blank screen. Screensavers use more energy than not having one.
  • Slowing down your driving. Faster driving uses more fuel, gently use the accelerator, reduce the amount of breaks, and keep speeds down to maximize your mpg.
To reduce your WATER and ENERGY consumption
  • Do not boil water for 6 cups when you only want 1
  • Use innovative tap and shower fittings that can cut the flow of water by more than half.
  • A single flush toilet can use up to 3 gallons in one flush!
  • Wash your dishes! Instead of using a dishwasher which can use more than 10 gallons of water per cycle! Fill the sink and wash your dishes using one sink of water.
  • Make the most of the day by using natural light, open your curtains and let the sun light in.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Replacing one lamp will save several pounds of carbon dioxide and reduces hazardous disposal in landfills. Home Depot accept CFLs bulbs for safe disposal. LED lights are highly efficient, contain no mercury and last six times longer than CFLs.
  • Don't let the heat in, use insulation film on your windows
  • Go solar! Use the suns rays to heat your water, learn about Photovoltaic
  • Minimize your cooling and heating uses. Open the windows, use fans instead of A/C.
  • During the winter warm yourself with clothing, still the most efficient forms of insulation. Temperature variations are a natural part of life, fit and healthy.
  • Select cold water cycle on your washing machine to wash your clothes and save energy.
  • Maximize your fridge’s efficiency, every unnecessary one degree increases energy consumption.
  • Next time your water heater breaks replace it with a Tankless option. Tankless Water Heater can save 30% of your yearly energy consumption.
  • Cook efficiently, reuse hot water, put lids on pots, have dishes simmer rather than boil and avoid preheating the oven
  • Resist the temptation to open the oven door to check on progress. Every time you do so, up to 25% of the heat escapes.
  • Beautiful garden with non-native plants will guzzle water. Native plants are great biodiversity, attract birds and butterflies, lowers your gardens water consumption and lowers your water bills.
  • Cover up your plants with mulch around them to cut the amount of water lost through evaporation by 70%.
  • Plant trees around your home and use plants inside your home. Plants not only lower greenhouse emissions and provide habitats for wildlife, they can also lower home energy costs by keeping your place cool.
  • Use grey water system, recycle water from basins, showers, washing machines, kitchen sink or look for water well.
  • Get a water tank that can catch the water that falls on your roof and use this water for the garden, fill the pool or for play time.
  • Birds are natural gardeners, they lower insect population, keep your garden clean and also provide color, movement, sound and useful fertilization and pest control services.
  • Reduce or control the use of petrol-powered mowers, blowers, snipers and trimmers to cut air pollution and noise pollution
  • Grow fruits, herbs and veggies! Get close to nature and far away from processed and MSG foods.
  • Look for natural furnishings: furnishings made from reclaimed timber, organic cotton curtains, beeswax candles, bamboo, hemp bedding or jute flooring.
  • Detox your home by reducing household chemicals. Household chemicals are toxic for the environment.
  • When buying wood material make sure the wood is coming from a forest managed according to internationally agreed social and environmental standards.
  • Don’t destroy, recycle bricks, windows, roof tiles, door, floorings, windows, or any and all other construction material
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